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Where it Began...

Every Great Journey, is worth fighting for!

Sometimes you have to take stock of your life. That time came for me in 2008 when I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. There is nothing like facing your own mortality to make you evaluate what is really important. I luckily escaped that time, but when I fell ill once again only a few years later, I finally heeded the warning call. I wondered where time had gone, how I had gotten to a point in life where there were still so many things left to do, places to see, experiences to have. It was time to take some serious action and change.


After recovering from surgery, I got my motorcycle license. At the time I thought to myself not a huge change, but something I've always wanted to do. Before I knew it, I set off on what would be a life changing adventure; a motorcycle journey through the majestic Himalaya’s of India. By day 2 I had broken my ankle and fractured my ribs, but that didn’t stop me. I pushed on through the endless challenges both physical and mental, this was more than a motorcycle adventure - it was an awakening. From the saddle of my Royal Enfield motorcycle looking down over the Lahul Valley, I breathed in the thin air and felt the most alive I ever had. I had finally made the choice to live every minute of my life to the fullest, and this was how I would do it.


Returning home to Australia, I began planning my next bout of adventures before I touched down. I was hooked. Since 2013 I have continued to live my dream, organising tours and experiencing some of the most wild and remote places on earth on two wheels. From the grand Himalayas of India and Nepal to the vast untouched lands of Mongolia, there is something that feeds the soul and nourishes the senses when you are exposed to nature in such a raw and vulnerable way. Whilst the motorcycle is the ultimate way to experience hidden treasures of country and culture, it is merely a vehicle, taking you to meet new people, see natures beauty and power, and ultimately knowing yourself in a deeper and more spiritual way.


This profound experience had changed me in ways I didn’t know was possible, and one I will be forever grateful for. It is this gratitude that motivates me to share similar experiences with as many people as possible, no one ever goes home the same. It is a change worth every second of hardship, difficult terrain and discomfort – it is called living life to the fullest.

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